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Addtext option 'pagebreakbefore'
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Posted by phosira  · 17-11-2022 - 09:53


when i use addText option 'pageBreakBefore' and create document,

it's not edtable and make dot front of sentence.

how can i use addText option 'pageBreakBefore' with editable and no dot front of sentece?

Posted by admin  · 17-11-2022 - 15:30


The pageBreakBefore option available in addText is a paragraph style:

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$docx->addText('New content', array('pageBreakBefore' => true));

This pageBreakBefore option enables the "Page break before" option available for paragraphs in DOCX documents. It can be edited/changed/updated using MS Word and any other DOCX program. For example using MS Word: right click on the paragraph => "Line and Page Breaks" tab => "Page break before" option. The option is working as expected.

You can also add page breaks using addBreak:

$docx->addBreak(array('type' => 'page'));
$docx->addText('New content');

working with the document and with WordFragments. Or add new sections with addSection to create new pages.


Posted by phosira  · 18-11-2022 - 02:02

Thaks addBreak is what im looking for.

I soved it.