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Tables with page breaks and footer section
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Posted by influence  · 20-12-2022 - 20:48

We have recently implemented PHPDocx where we are using Create From Template functionality to load up a word docx.

Then we are using embed HTML to create a table with page breaks, which works beautifully in most of the cases. However if there is a footer and the table is reaching to the edges of the footer then it hides the rest of the table content.

This issue only occurs when the table height is equal to the height of the page including footer, but since there is a footer then it hides the bottom section of the table.

If the table height is more than the page height including footer then this is not an issue and page breaking will come into effect.

Posted by admin  · 21-12-2022 - 06:17


Maybe you need to set fixed sizes instead of automatic sizes? MS Word can handle automic table sizes in most cases, but some specific cases need using fixed sizes. We have done some tests and everything is working as expected.

If you send to contact[at] the simplest script that illustrates your issue we'll check it. Please send a DOCX template sample and a script that uses phpdocx standalone (without external resources such as databases, web services, frameworks or CMS).