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Footer rearrange content
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Posted by usman-mani6  · 06-02-2023 - 17:02

Hi Eveyone, 

I need help on footer regarding footer rearrange text in footer. 
Like i have 4 section in footer so what i need is that
point 1 is project title
point 2 is section
point 3 is address
and point for is date how can i change position of all the points like 1 to 4 and 2 to 3. 

I am sharing a image url for reference

Thanks in advance

Posted by usman-mani6  · 07-02-2023 - 08:33

Hi Everyone,

For footer can i can arrange footer with my custom layout like if footer has date can i rearrange that date to one of my given positions. and for other content like project name and other content as my mention positions. I have shared the image in the given question.



Posted by admin  · 07-02-2023 - 09:09


As explained in our previous reply, you need to use DOCXPath methods for the requested task.

Please note that in this forum we can help using methods and options, generate simple script to illustrate generic tasks, solve bugs and others, but your task is very specific. For this kind of support, that also requires checking your DOCX document, please open a support ticket (