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Posted by netengine_at  · 01-03-2023 - 08:19

I'm having problems setting the subject property (using function addProperties). The title is getting set, but all the other properties stay empty. I have the feeling it has to do with the fact that I'm using a german version of word. When I look at the properties in word, subject is for example called Betreff, could that be the Problem?


$properties = [
 'title'         => 'Title',
 'subject'       => 'Subject,
 'creator'       => 'a',
 'keywords'      => 'b',
 'description'   => 'c',
 'category'      => 'd',
 'Manager'       => 'e',
 'Company'       => 'g',
 'custom'        => [
  'Betreff' => ['text' => 'Subject']



Posted by admin  · 01-03-2023 - 08:46


All DOCX documents use the same internal XML files. It doesn't matter the language/region version of MS Word you are using. We have MS Word versions of many languages and regions: english, german, spanish, french, asian languages, italian... and all of them work correctly with phpdocx.

We recommend you run the samples included in the package: LayoutAndGeneral/addProperties folder and check the output.

Please note that your code has a PHP error:

'subject'       => 'Subject,

This line should be:

'subject'       => 'Subject',

If you send to contact[at] the DOCX output after running your code (and the DOCX template if you are using any), we'll check it. Maybe you need to set a custom property for the DOCX you are using?