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Create a private phpdocx github repository

Posted by rabol  · 15-04-2023 - 19:55


I have created several 'normal' Laravel pacakages and private pacakages but never creataed one from code that I have never created.

Does anyone have a guide on how the structure should look like for a composer based project (Laravel) ?

Thanks in advance

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Posted by admin  · 15-04-2023 - 21:10


Creating a private repository is very easy. For example, using GitHub:

1. Create a private repository ( and import the SSH keys in your machine/server/docker...

2. Upload the phpdocx namespace package to this private repository adding a custom composer.json file. As explained on Integrate phpdocx with Composer projects composer.json must use classmap to autoload phpdocx classes:

"autoload": {
    "classmap": [

3. Update the composer.json of your project adding the private repository and install it as any other package/repository.

These steps are the same for other Git repositories such as Bitbucket or GitLabs.Please note that this is a Composer question (Using private repositories with Composer) and you can find detailed instructions on many pages. For example:

Learn How to create and publish a composer php package:

Using Composer With Private Packages Hosted On Github: