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Version compatibility

Posted by jennygj  · 18-12-2023 - 19:28


I'm currently using phpdocx 13 with php 8.2, but will be upgrading to php 8.3. Do I need to upgrade to phpdocx 14.5 to continnue using phpdocx?

Posted by admin  · 18-12-2023 - 20:04


phpdocx is compatible with PHP 8.3 since the release of phpdocx 14.5 (

We recommend you download and use phpdocx 14.5 that is compatible with all PHP versions from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.3. If you use phpdocx 13 with PHP 8.3, PHP warnings may appear.

Please note that you are using a SaaS license, so you can download the latest release of phpdocx on MY PHPDOCX after login with the user that has the license tied.


Posted by jennygj  · 18-12-2023 - 21:24

Ok, thanks - so warnings may appear, but the library will not become inoperable?

Posted by admin  · 19-12-2023 - 06:02


Please note that PHP 8.3 was released after phpdocx 13, so this version has not been tested with PHP 8.3. phpdocx 13 is compatible from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.2.

PHP 8.3 doesn't include breaking changes from PHP 8.2. You can test if the phpdocx 13 code you are using works with PHP 8.3 and also check your server logs to find if some PHP error appear.
Our recommendation is using phpdocx 14.5 with PHP 8.3.