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Problem of getting actual table format in transfer from .docx to html
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Posted by rabindra  · 19-08-2012 - 09:01

Hello everybody,

I am using PHPDOCX free version. When I am trying to convert Docx file to HTML ,it is not giving actual table format. The border of table is not including to it. and actual text color is also not coming.

I show in firebug ,it is including some class like "TableGrid-T" for table, class="-C" for column ,class="-R" for rows. but these classes are not availables.
So can you please help me how to bring in a good format.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


Phpdocx free uses a XSL stylesheet to transform DOCX to HTML. If you a need a greater efficiency you can purchase Phpdocx pro + conversion plugin.