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Using dollar signs in document
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Posted by PeerBr  · 23-11-2012 - 14:00


I am having difficulties using PHPDocx. I need to generate documents that contain dollar signs to denote currencies. Actually, I have something like:

[code]The final price is: $FINALPRICE$ R$, please pay until $DATE$[/code]

where R$ would be Brazilian Reais. However, PHPDocx starts a new variable block after the last $, and mixes up subsequent variables.

Besides writing the name of the currency, which is odd and not common practice in Brazil, what can I do? Imho, the correct behaviour would be to disregard variable names that have spaces an them. That would settle it.

Thank you in advance,

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


You can use setTemplateSymbol method to use another symbol instead of '%' to define placeholders.