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Image not appearing in the word document.
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Posted by fueldigital-dev  · 13-03-2013 - 07:20



When i tried to insert an image into the word document, the images where not appearing.

I could see a blank page for that image.

I use custom build function to loop through the glob to look for all images and split to the word.

function images($docx,$field1,$field2,$inspector_name,$inspector_session)
$inspection_type = "BuildingReport-";
$folder_final = 'uploads'.'/'.$inspector_name.'/'.$inspector_session.'/'.$inspection_type;

// Scanning the thumbnail folder for JPG images:
$g = glob($folder_final.'/original/*.jpg');

$g = array();
$names = array();
$section = array();
$modified = array();

// We loop though the file names returned by glob,
// and we populate a second file with modifed timestamps.
$image_section = $field1;
$j = 1;
$imageString = '';

$imageString .= "<img width=\"300\" height=\"225\" src=\"".$g[$i]."\"><br><br>";
$imageStringArr[] = "<img src=\"".$g[$i]."\">";

$docx->addTemplateVariable($field2, '');

Can you please tell me what i am doing wrong. Is there any alternative functions that i could use ?

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


This code:


allows you replace a placeholder using HTML code. You should use:


that transform the image to MHT, or replaceTemplateVariableByHTML method using an img tag.