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Mathml fix
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Posted by  · 16-03-2013 - 20:37

Just to help out if someone else has this same problem:

The function addMathMML() fails because there is no MML2OMML_n.xsl file in the ..phpdocx_pro_conv/xsl folder (shouldn't this be included in the paid pro+ distribution?). Also at least on my localhost the syntax in ("load('../ ") was looking for that file in root, not phpdocx directory.


Your windows probably has the required file though, in the folder Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Office/Office

Mine was named MML2OMML.xsl (without the "_n").

Copy (not move!) that file into ..phpdocx_pro_conv/xsl

Then go edit (use a proper editor and be sure to keep utf-8 encoding; I use Bluefish) this line in -file (at ...phpdocx_pro_conv/classes ):


into this:


(of course use the correct xsl filename if your's is different)

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


Thanks for your post. Note that this file is not included because we're studying is there a license restriction with MML2OMML.xsl file.