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"replacetemplatevariablebyhtml" and "downloadimages"
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Posted by HalloWelt  · 22-03-2013 - 09:29

I've got a little issue with the "replaceTemplateVariableByHTML" method. When I try to embed images using the "downloadImages" option Word reports "unreadable content" and that the file is corrupted. Word _can_ actually open the files and the content is alright, but the error message makes the user feel uncomfortable.
First I tried the example "examples/intermediate/HTML.php" which uses 'addHTML' method and works fine but does not embed (download) the images.
After that I tried the following code:[code]
$oPHPDocX = new CreateDocx();
$oPHPDocX->addTemplate( $sUploadPath.'/template/Template.docx' );
'<p>Some Text</p>
<img src="file:///development/PHPDOCX/res/city.jpg" />
<p>Some Text</p>',
'isFile' => false,
'parseDivsAsPs' => true,
'downloadImages' => true,
'wordStyles' =>array(
'<p>' => 'Standard'
This code causes the error described above. If I remove the "'downloadImages' => true," line the error disappears. But that's not what I need. I have to include the images in the DOCX file.

I'd be very grateful for some hints. Btw.: I'm using PHPDOCX v3.2.

best regards,
Robert Vogel

[edit]: I've already tried the tipps from this post: [url][/url]

Posted by HalloWelt  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13

Hmmm... it seems to be connected with the DOCX template I use and the file type of the image that should be included.
When I use my own template GIFs are no problem, but as soon as a JPG is included I get the "unreadable content" error in Word.
When I use the "examples/files/testHTML2mdc.docx" template (which also is used in "examples/easy/ReplaceTemplateVariableByHTML.php") I can embed all image file types.

This is strange... Does anybody have an idea? May it be because I'm using Word 2010 to create my template?

Posted by HalloWelt  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13

I think I found the problem: My template has already an image embedded. Therefore the "[Content_Types].xml" already had the entry[code]
<Default Extension="jpg" ContentType="image/jpeg"/>
Now that my HTML contained other JPEGs, PHPDOCX adds the line[code]
<Default Extension="jpg" ContentType="image/jpg"/>
[/code] to "[Content_Types].xml". Now there are two entries for the file extension "jpg", one mapping to MIME type "image/jpeg" and one mapping to MIME type "image/jpg". Btw. "image/jpeg" seems to be the official one.

The cause of the issue is in "CreateTemplate::addContentTypes()" in "classes/conf/":[code]
//let´s check that tha conten type does not exist yet
if(strpos(self::$_contentTypes, $args[0]) === false){
$domContentTypes = new DomDocument();
self::$_contentTypes = $domContentTypes->saveXML();

'strpos()' doesn't find a "default extension" entry with ContentType "image/jpg" and therefore it gets added.
Going back in the call stack I found that in the same file in line 1691 ("CreateTemplate::TemplateHTMLRels()")[code]
$this->addContentTypes('<Default Extension="'.$extension.'" ContentType="image/'.$extension.'"/>');
gets called, with the assumption that the proper MIME type / ContentType for an image with the file extension "X" ist "image/X". Maybe this need to be fixed.

I'd like to file a bug on this topic. Is there a bugtracker?

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


Thanks for your report I have added it to our bugtracker to check and fix it.