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Html to docx - problem with named entities
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Posted by kstauff  · 05-04-2013 - 21:39

(Using PHPdocX 3.1)

I am converting IMS Content Package HTML to Word documents. I have some discovered an issue with some of the HTML entities. For example the single down arrow ↓ (& darr;) works fine in the conversion. However, the double down arrow ⇓(& dArr;) breaks in the word document. I tried converting from the named HTML entities to HTML decimal (e.g. & #8594;) (And note that the spaces aren't being used in the actual entities in the code).

The only thing that I have found that works is to do a string replace in the code:
$output = str_replace("& dArr;","& darr;",$output);

But obviously I don't want to do this for every case like this that turns up. Is there anything else I can try?


Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


We'll check your issue. Meanwhile please use the solution you indicate.