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Adding a table of contents to a template
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Posted by acunnington  · 18-04-2013 - 11:59

My question is: Is this possible?

I have an existing template file, which already contains a table of contents. However, each time to the document is created by PHPDocX, the table of contents remains the same. Is there some way that I can either:

a) Automatically update the existing table of contents after document creation?, or.

b) Add a table of contents to the document?

Many thanks.

Posted by mwtsoftware  · 25-04-2013 - 05:30

I have a document created using a template. I would like to insert or update a TOC after the document is completed. That way it could be converted to a PDF and emailed without manual intervention. Has anyone had success in doing this?

Posted by jorgelj  · 25-04-2013 - 09:18


TOC content is created by Word after you open a document because it's dynamic. If you use a Windows server you could run transformDocxUsingMSWord method that uses COM functions.

Or you could create a custom TOC using tables or lists. It won't be a real TOC but something similar.