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How to create table using mysql and php - solved
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Posted by mightycpa  · 19-04-2013 - 18:17


I wanted to create a table using a query on my php page.

I created a query that returns several rows of 3 columns.  I had trouble figuring out a way to format the results of the query so that they fit your syntax.  I understand your syntax to basically describe a table as an array that contains one array for each row to be included in the table:






Finally, I came up with this, and it works very well:

$sql = "SELECT A, B, C FROM WHEREVER";    

$result = mysql_query($sql) or die (mysql_error());


$rows_ra = array();

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {

    foreach ($row as $key => $value) {

      $rows_ra[$i][$key] = $value;




$paramsTable = array(

'border' => 'single',

'border_sz' => 10


$docx->addTable($rows_ra, $paramsTable);


This is a big breakthrough for me!  Thanks for the tool!