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Search and replace more different strings in same document
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Posted by robertoblanco  · 22-05-2013 - 12:30


What is the best way to search and replace more different strings in the same document?

So all #string1# should be replaced by #newstring1#, all #string2# by #newstring2#, and so on.

Should I do a search and replace per string and create a new document.

Next open the new document and then do the second search and replace? And repeat this as many times as necessary?

Or could I do this without generating each time new documents? I hope so ...






Posted by erainferno  · 22-05-2013 - 19:51

Would it not be easier to use the replace variable?

$docx = new CreateDocx();


for($index=1; $index <$numberofstrings;$index++){





Posted by jorgelj  · 23-05-2013 - 08:58


You can use addTemplateVariable or replaceTemplateVariableByHTML to change placeholders in templates.