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Howto number page
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Posted by web.aseqroo  · 13-06-2013 - 18:59

Hola, como puedo concatenar addPageNumber con un texto, que quede de la siguiente forma "Página 1", etc. Y dos addList no respeta el formato de parrafo que le pongo aun haciendolo de la siguiente forma:

$texto = array();

$texto[] = array('text' => utf8_encode('Item 1'));

$txt = $docx->addText($texto, array('sz'=>11, 'jc'=>'both', 'rawWordML' => true));

$textoML = $docx->createWordMLFragment($txt);

$itemsList = array($textoML)

$options = array(

    'val' => 1


$docx->addList($itemsList, $options);

Posted by jorgelj  · 17-06-2013 - 09:22


Please check this phpdoc:


* @param mixed $type (String): numerical, alphabetical.

     * @param array $options Style options to apply to the numbering

     *  Values:

     * 'b' (on, off)

     * 'color' (ffffff, ff0000...)

     * 'font' (Arial, Times New Roman...)

     * 'i' (on, off)

     * 'jc' (both, center, distribute, left, right)

     * 'pageBreakBefore' (on, off)

     * 'sz' (1, 2, 3...)

     * 'u' (dash, dotted, double, single, wave, words)

     * 'widowControl' (on, off)

     * 'wordWrap' (on, off)

     * 'lineSpacing' 120, 240 (standard), 480...,

     * 'indent_left' 100...,

     * 'indent_right' 100...

     * 'defaultValue' (int)

     * 'rawWordML' (boolean)


public function addPageNumber($type = 'numerical', $options = array('defaultValue' => 1, 'rawWordML' => false))


That are all options you can use with the current version of PHPDocX.


Posted by web.aseqroo  · 24-06-2013 - 18:42

Lo que necesito es poder concatener la palabra "Página" y el numero de página, de tal forma que en el pie de página del documento quede asi: "Página 1";

Posted by jorgelj  · 04-07-2013 - 12:10


You can create a WordmlFragment and add it as footer content and then add the page numbering. Or you can use a custom template with that footer.