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Phpdocx pro + getting redirected when trying to create word document
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Posted by endadigilogue  · 20-06-2013 - 16:05


I recently upgraded my license from Pro to Pro+.  I had the word documents working on the Pro license, but now when I use the Pro + library and try to create a word document I am getting redirected to the homepage.

I have the log4php debugging enabled to create a log file but I am getting permission errors trying to write to this file.  I am not sure of the location of this file that it is trying to write to and therefore cannot make any permission changes, is there a default location as to where this file is stored or does it need to be specified?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Posted by jorgelj  · 21-06-2013 - 08:11


Incluhded examples are saved to examples/docx folder. And DOCX generated by your custom examples are saved to the same path of the script you run unless you set a destination folder when you invoke createDocx method.

If the problem is related to temp folder, system config is used by default, you can set a new temp path on config/phpdocxconfig.ini file.