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Import from word doc
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Posted by dpowers  · 09-07-2013 - 04:40

hopefully i'm posting this in the right area of the forum, I just found PHPDOCx tonite and it maybe the answer to an issue I was going to start custom developing.. What I want to do is pretty simple but i'm going to create a policy repository where the end user can "subscribe" if you will to the policy number and an administrator can login to the site and update the policies.


My question is pretty simple but I did see where you can import a header and footer from an existing docx file, would it possible to import an entire document possibly serveral pages long then post that data to my database?

Posted by jorgelj  · 09-07-2013 - 08:26


Yes, using PRO+, Corporate or Enterprise you'll get classes to import any content of DOCX documents and add them to other documents, like headers, footers and other content.


Posted by andrwsv  · 30-07-2013 - 00:44

hi i have Pro+ but when I insert header to document .docx this put the header but clean the information of this document? why?

I have this code:



$docx = new CreateDocx();

$docx->addHeader('CodeNumber : '.$code, $paramsHeader);