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Template system major bug
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Posted by techno77  · 14-08-2013 - 09:57

Hello. The way i buy phpdocx is I think that template variable searching goes on Front side of document. 

For example in MS Word I see: $SIDE2_CORPDOLGNOSTR$

But inside document.xml we see: "<w:t>$</w:t>{bla bla bla}SIDE2_CORPDOLGNOSTR{bla bla bla}<w:t>$</w:t>". That's way phpdocx do not set template variable. Sometimes MS Word set such artifacts in random places. 

But, Search in MS Word works fine and find all variables by text. 

How to fix it???

Posted by jorgelj  · 14-08-2013 - 11:00


Sometimes Word add unwanted tags, for example for spells corrections, but we have never seen '{}' content. PHPDocX cleans unwanted tags to replace placeholders, could you send us your DOCX to check it?


Posted by jorgelj  · 16-08-2013 - 08:05


The problem is not related to PHPDocX because the library cleans that unwanted tags, so I recommend you to check your script.