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Createliststyle inside a table
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Posted by webdzinez  · 15-10-2013 - 23:03

I am creating a list and adding it as a ml fragment like so:

$myCarsList = $docx->addList($carsList, array('rawWordML' => true, 'val' => 1, 'font' => 'Times New Roman'));

$entityfragments[] = $docx->createWordMLFragment(array($myCarsList));


And displaying this fragment in a table. How do I use Createliststyle to provide a custom style to the list I am creating?



Posted by webdzinez  · 15-10-2013 - 23:41

$listStype [0] = array('left'=>390, 'type'=>'bullet', 'hanging'=>150);

        $docx->createListStyle('mycars', $listStype);

$myCarsList = $docx->addList($carsList, array('rawWordML' => true, 'val' => 'mycars', 'font' => 'Times New Roman'));


This works, however the bullets are very small 

Posted by jorgelj  · 16-10-2013 - 09:08


You can create a DOCX with the styles and import them using importStyles and importSingleNumbering methods.


Posted by webdzinez  · 16-10-2013 - 13:43

Thanks for the answer. Does that mean that this is not possible with createStyle method, especially if we need larger bullet size or different bullet shape (square e.g.). Just wanted to understand the ability better so that can make the other method default. 



Posted by jorgelj  · 17-10-2013 - 09:35


Could you attach or send the document?. We'd like to test it to fix any issue.


Posted by webdzinez  · 18-10-2013 - 16:50

Hi sent the documents to the support address i had. please confirm you have received them.



Posted by jorgelj  · 21-10-2013 - 09:43


We have sent you an email.