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Html markup in table template variable
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Posted by remo  · 14-12-2013 - 14:28

I've seen that I can add HTML to a variable using the code shown here:

I've also seen that I can replace several variables to build a table like shown here:

These are great things but I wasn't able to combine them. What we'd like to achieve is to render this variable (note the b-tag in the second array):

'NAME' => 'Product A',
'WEIGHT' => '10',
'PRICE' => '5',
'NAME' => '<b>Product B</b>',
'WEIGHT' => '20',
'PRICE' => '30',
), 'table', $settings

Any ideas on how we can achieve this?


Posted by jorgelj  · 16-12-2013 - 09:15


The easiest solution is to change the table with the needed placeholders using addTemplateVariable and then transform them using embedHTML. Or generate a new table using HTML.