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Other word file types
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Posted by kinguk  · 29-12-2013 - 14:17


I have used the api to turn .docx to .txt files successfully.

What I need is to turn .doc to .txt too.

Is there anyway of doing this using phpdocx?


Posted by kinguk  · 29-12-2013 - 15:13

If I cannot, can I convert the .doc file to .docx?


Posted by jorgelj  · 30-12-2013 - 20:22


There's no method to transform DOC to TXT but you can use if you're using Linux. If you prefer to transform DOC to DOCX you need to use a macro and this method:


Posted by kinguk  · 31-12-2013 - 11:53

Thanks, is there any example code you could provide? I cannot get this to work.


Posted by jorgelj  · 01-01-2014 - 12:49


What license of PHPDocX are you using?


Posted by kinguk  · 02-01-2014 - 12:21

Only using community at the moment

Posted by jorgelj  · 02-01-2014 - 13:44


Sorry but the community version lacks of a lot of options that are included in payment versions.