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Size_col force preferred.
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Posted by Bluecoat Systems  · 21-01-2014 - 17:35

Hi, I am using the size_col option and in the word doc the values are set but but tick box is not selected but in the semi state. I have to tick each box again to enable the Prefered size.

Is there a way to force this.



Posted by jorgelj  · 22-01-2014 - 09:18


Could you describe the problem? Where are you adding the checkboxes? in a table?, and what size do you see wrong?

Maybe if you attach an image or a sample we can check it.


Posted by Bluecoat Systems  · 22-01-2014 - 09:36

Hi Jorgelj, here are two images.

So what I have is $bluecoatTableStyle["size_col"] = array( 5100, 1700, 1700, 1700, 1700, 1700, 1700 ); and in the word document we can see the table has these values in the fields but the Preferred width has a blue box.

Once I ticked this box so it shows the field the table resize to the actual size.


Hope this helps.



Posted by Bluecoat Systems  · 22-01-2014 - 09:37

Dont know why the image did work.

Image 1 .

image 2 .