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Fatal error on debian server but fine local with mamp
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Posted by melino  · 10-02-2014 - 17:40

I have sucessfully installed PHPDocx on my local test environment, OS X with MAMP and I can download a proper named docx file, so everything works like a charme.

Unfortuately it doesn't on our remote Debian server. What I get as result is

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Issue reading:' in /path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/lib/dompdfParser/include/parserhtml.cls.php:325 Stack trace: #0 /path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/lib/dompdfParser/include/parserhtml.cls.php(882): PARSERHTML->load_html_file('') #1 /path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/classes/ PARSERHTML->getDompdfTree('', true, '*', false, '') #2 /path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/classes/ HTML2WordML->renderDompdf('', true, '*', false, '') #3 /path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/classes/ HTML2WordML->render('', Array) #4 /path_to/html_file.php(11): CreateDocx->embedHTML('', Array) #5 {main} thrown in /path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/lib/dompdfParser/include/parserhtml.cls.php on line 325

The download script is:

$query_string = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
require_once ("path_to/phpdocx_pro_conv/classes/");
$docx = new CreateDocx();

$html = ''.$query_string.'';
$docx->embedHTML($html, array('isFile' => true));
$file_name = $row['contract_name'].' (Long Agreement)';

$docx->createDocxAndDownload('tmp/'.$file_name.'', null, ''.$file_name.'');

Can anyone give me a hint what causes this?

Posted by jorgelj  · 11-02-2014 - 09:27


The message says it have issues reading the URL Please try with another URL and check if you can read that URL in your server.


Posted by melino  · 11-02-2014 - 10:43

Thanx, you was right. It's fixed now and it works! :-)