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Convert from docx to pdf by openoffice 4
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Posted by handoi912  · 20-02-2014 - 11:46


I using vesion 3.7 pro+ of phpdocx. My server running linux. I downloaded OpenOffice 4 and run it with headless mode.

My check.php:

  • OK PHP version is 5.4.25-1~dotdeb.0

  • OK Zip support is enabled.

  • OK XSL support is enabled.

  • OK DOM support is enabled.

  • OK XML support is enabled.

  • OK Tidy support is enabled.

  • OK The path examples/docx used by the examples is writable.

  • OK The license is valid for the current domain/server.

  • OK The library can write to temp folder.

  • OK OpenOffice is running in headless mode on port 8100.

    PHPDocX includes OpenOffice but you can download a custom version from

And My code:


require_once '/var/www/__apps/helpers/phpdocx/classes/';

$data = array(

    '1.1' => str_replace('<img',"<img style='display: none;'",$_POST['tab1_1']),

    '1.2' => str_replace('<img',"<img style='float: right; padding: 50px 0px 10px 10px; width: 282px; height: 600px;'",$_POST['tab1_2']),

    '1.3' =>  str_replace('<h3 class="block-h3">Programme détaillé</h3>','',$_POST['tab1_3']),

    '2.1' => "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-2-1 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$_POST['tab2_1']."</div>",

    '2.2' => "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-2-2 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$_POST['tab2_2']."</div>",

    '2.3' => "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-2-3 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$_POST['tab2_3']."</div>",

    '2.4' => "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-2-4 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$_POST['tab2_4']."</div>",


$name = $_POST['name'];

$tour_day  = $_POST['tour_day'];

    $docx = new CreateDocx();



    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('h1', 'block', "<span style='color: #8A006C;font-weight: bold;font-size:22pt;margin:0; padding: 0;'>".$_POST['h1']."</span>");

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('days', 'block', "<div class='tour-days' style='font-size: 11pt; color: white;font-weight: bold;'> ".$tour_day."</div>");

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-1-1', 'block', "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-1-1 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$data['1.1']."</div>");

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-1-2', 'block', "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-1-2 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$data['1.2']."</div>");

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-1-3', 'block', "<div class='tab-pane tab-pane-1-3 block' style='font-size: 11pt;'>".$data['1.3']."</div>");

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-2-1', 'block', $data['2.1']);

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-2-2', 'block', $data['2.2']);

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-2-3', 'block', $data['2.3']);

    $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML('tab-pane-2-4', 'block', $data['2.4']);



        $transform = new TransformDocAdv();

        try{ $transform->transformDocument("/var/www/upload/ideas/tours/output/$name.docx","/var/www/upload/ideas/tours/output/$name.pdf"); } catch (Exception $e){


            echo '<p>Error Caught!</p>';




        // $transform->transformDocument("/var/www/upload/ideas/tours/output/$name.docx", "/var/www/upload/ideas/tours/output/$name.pdf");

        // echo "1";




I created file docx, it 's very good, but can't convert it to pdf. I don't look  error message.

Please help me.

Posted by jorgelj  · 20-02-2014 - 15:14


Try to enable the debug mode and run the included example (advanced/Trasform.php) using the CLI mode.

To enable the debug mode check this page: