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Insert pagebreak into existing docx
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Posted by cubryto  · 28-02-2014 - 23:17

Hi, My existing docx has the following format

1. First paragraph

2. Second paragraph

3. Third...

My questions are:

- Is there any way that I can insert a pagebreak between these paragraphes?

- Can searchAndReplace function insert a pagebreak?

- My last question is regarding parsing an existing docx ( I wonder if there is any instruction on how to edit the docx after parsing it.

Thank you!


Posted by jorgelj  · 03-03-2014 - 09:31


You can use the addBreak method to add line, page or column breaks. Please check this example:

To do a pagebreak in a template you need to use the page_break_before property with replaceTemplateVariableByHTML.

About parsing a document, you get the full content using the read readDOCX method. But you can your own template in the constructor.