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Could function transformdoc () display the full tables and images
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Posted by bruce  · 10-03-2014 - 07:49


I want to transform a file. Docx to. Pdf. In. Docx I have many tables with css styles and images. So could function TransformDoc () display the full tables and images

, Is the generated. Pdf same as the original. Docx 

If I installed the latest version of openoffice,  can phpword use it to convert .docx to .pdf, If it can, how can I use it ?

thanks a lot

Posted by jorgelj  · 10-03-2014 - 10:37


What version of PHPDocX are you using?


Posted by bruce  · 11-03-2014 - 08:40


I am using the trial copy of PHPDocX downloaded last week, it doesn't have PDF Conversion Plugin, but i had read the tutorial about the PDF Conversion Plugin , it said that 'This conversion has still some limitations, Word charts are just ignored, but it produces very good results in the majority of cases.'   I would buy the PRO+ version i the generated. Pdf same as the original. Docx , at least, The  border and color of the element <table></table> and pictures  can be displayed  in the generated pdf file

Posted by jorgelj  · 11-03-2014 - 10:37


You can test this demo:

Or send us the document to do the transformation.