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Pdf conversion plugin is not working
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Posted by organizzazione  · 13-03-2014 - 10:23

Hello All,

we purchased a corporate license few days ago but we have a problem using the PDF conversion plugin.

We try to run the advanced/Transform.php example, but this is working only when we do not use the ODFConverter:

// using default method without OdfConverter

$docx->transformDocx('example_text.docx', 'example_text.pdf', null, array('odfconverter' => false));

When we use the common method:

// using default method

$docx->transformDocx('example_text.docx', 'example_text.pdf');

the PDF is not generated (the docx yes), and we do not get any log or error.

We are sure that OpenOffice is running in headless mode (the check is green in the check page, we run the command "lib/openoffice/openoffice.org3/program/soffice -headless -accept="socket,host=,port=8100;urp;" -nofirststartwizard" from the PHPDocx dir), and the OdfConverter is correctly running (we checked all the points in



Posted by jorgelj  · 13-03-2014 - 12:17


Please enable the debug mode in the transformDocx method and run the script using the CLI mode.

About OdfConverter, run the program standalone and post the output.


Posted by organizzazione  · 13-03-2014 - 12:39

Solved, it was the ".wapi" hidden folder missing.

Thanks Anyway!