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Replacetemplatevariablebyhtml warnings
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Posted by ellytronic  · 10-04-2014 - 08:00


When I'm trying to add HTML into a document, I am seeing a couple warnings arise:

"Strict standards: Accessing static property HTML2WordML::$customListStyles as non static in phpdocx/classes/ on line 46"

The code still works fine, but it's generating the warnings. Any thoughts why? I have confirmed the variables all exist.

My code:

class merger {

    public function parse_variables( $variables, $existing_file, &$new_docx_filename ) {

        $docx = new createDocx();

        $docx->addTemplate( $existing_file );

        $html_var_options = array(

            'isFile'             => false,

            'baseURL'            => '',

            'customListStyles'    => '',

            'downloadImages'    => 'false',

            'filter'            => null,

            'parseAnchors'        => false,

            'parseDivsAsPs'        => true,

            'parseFloats'        => true,

            'strictWordStyles'    => false,

            'wordStyles'        => null


        foreach( $variables as $v ) {

              $docx->replaceTemplateVariableByHTML( $v['to_replace'], 'inline', $v['replace_with'], $html_var_options );


        $docx->createDocx( $new_docx_filename );


        $new_docx_filename .= ".docx";



$variables = array(


            'to_replace'      => 'TOC_LIST',

            'replace_with'     => nl2br( $_REQUEST['toc_contents'] ),

            'method'        => 'replaceTemplateVariableByHTML'



            'to_replace'      => 'TOC_PAGES',

            'replace_with'     => implode( "<br>", $merger->page_counts ),

            'method'        => 'replaceTemplateVariableByHTML'



$merger->parse_variables( $variables, $existing_file, $new_docx_filename );

Posted by jorgelj  · 10-04-2014 - 08:52


It's a notice due to 'Strict standards'. It's solved in the current dev version but you hide this messages in your PHP config.


Posted by ellytronic  · 10-04-2014 - 17:10

That's fine then. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything incorrectly. I'll hide the errors during production anyway.