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Posted by marcushjortsberg  · 12-05-2014 - 11:19


I find an example where I can import styling options from a file for my TOC but I can't find an example where I can style my TOC without importing it from an external file...

I might bu stupid but I would like som help with this one:/


How do I style my TOC without importing it from an external file?




Posted by jorgelj  · 12-05-2014 - 12:27


This is the phpdoc of the method addTableContents:


     * Add a table of contents (TOC)


     * @access public

     * @example ../examples/easy/TableContents.php

     * @param array $options

     *  Values:

     * 'autoUpdate' (boolean) if true it will try to update the TOC when first opened

     * 'displayLevels' (string) must be of the form '1-3' where the first number is

     * the start level an the second the end level. If not defined all existing levels are shown

     * @param (array) $legend

     * Values:

     * 'pStyle' (string) Word style to be used. Run parseStyles() to check all available paragraph styles

     * 'b' (on, off)

     * 'color' (ffffff, ff0000...)

     * 'font' (Arial, Times New Roman...)

     * 'i' (on, off)

     * 'indent_left' 100...,

     * 'indent_right' 100...

     * 'jc' (both, center, distribute, left, right)

     * 'keepLines' (on, off) keep all paragraph lines on the same page

     * 'keepNext' (on, off) keep in the same page the current paragraph with next paragraph

     * 'lineSpacing' 120, 240 (standard), 480...,

     * 'pageBreakBefore' (on, off)

     * 'sz' (8, 9, 10, ...)

     * 'text' (string)

     * 'u' (none, dash, dotted, double, single, wave, words)

     * 'widowControl' (on, off)

     * 'wordWrap' (on, off)

     * @param (string) $stylesTOC path to the docx with the required styles for the Table of Contents


As you can see there're options to change color, align, size...