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Use other wingdings symbol
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Posted by rcelle  · 23-09-2013 - 13:54

But is not possible use other symbols of Wingdings set? For checkboxes is possible use chr(254) and chr(111), but chr(252) result as empy string.

Posted by vishal mote  · 25-06-2015 - 10:08

Hello rcelle, I am looking for the same kind of problem. I want to use checkboxes with tick and cross in it from unicode in wingdings font. I am able to add the unicode converted checkboxes with cross and tick but unable to convert it in wingdings font. have you got the solution for it? if yes could you post it here or mail me at

Posted by admin  · 29-06-2015 - 08:51

Hello, We have added a task to consider this feature to be added. Regards.