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3.7 => 4.0
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Posted by simon  · 09-06-2014 - 16:19

Hello, I also have the following code which worked perfectly (to create my footer) and it either does not work .... $htmlFooter = htmlspecialchars_decode($htmlFooter); $footer = $docx->embedHTML($htmlFooter, array('rawWordML' => true, 'target' => 'defaultFooter')); $myFooter = $docx->WordFragment(array($footer)); $docx->addFooter(array('default' =>$myFooter)); Now I get the following error Fatal error: Call to undefined method CreateDocx::createWordMLFragment() in /var/www/vhosts/........./httpdocs/creerdocument/pied_de_page.php on line 17 Must find a solution quickly or give me the 3.7 verison for this domain cordially

Posted by jorge  · 10-06-2014 - 06:59

Hello, The new version has a new API and new methods, so you can't use the same code than phpdocx 3.7. Please post this line from your code: --------------------------------------------------- /var/www/vhosts/........./httpdocs/creerdocument/pied_de_page.php on line 17 --------------------------------------------------- Regards.

Posted by simon  · 10-06-2014 - 14:33

Hello, I have version 3.7 on another domain, is what I can copy and paste the folder to another area and put my key? Does it work or am I forced to go with the 4 ?

Posted by admin  · 10-06-2014 - 15:06

Hello, phpdocx 3.7 is deprecated so it's not possible to buy a new license for this version. I recommend you to upgrade to phpdocx 4.0, that includes several new features and as customer you have a discount. The license doesn't allow to use phpdocx on a different subdomain/domain/IP than the purchased. Regards.

Posted by simon  · 11-06-2014 - 09:24

Ok, This is the code on line 17 : $myFooter = $docx->WordFragment(array($footer)); cordially

Posted by admin  · 11-06-2014 - 13:50

Hello, phpdocx 4.0 includes a new WordFragment class, that is not a method but a class. This is a simple example included in the library: //path to the CreateDocx class within your PHPDocX installation require_once '../../../classes/'; $docx = new CreateDocx(); //Create a Word fragment with an image to be inserted in the header of the document $imageOptions = array( 'src' => '../../img/image.png', 'dpi' => 300, ); $footerImage = new WordFragment($docx, 'defaultFooter'); $footerImage->addImage($imageOptions); $docx->addFooter(array('default' => $footerImage)); //add some text $docx->addText('This document has a footer with just one image.'); $docx->createDocx('example_addFooter_1'); You can get more info on: Regards.

Posted by simon  · 11-06-2014 - 17:27

Hello, I can not solve my problem with the footer, here below the exact code that worked under 3.7 Can you hear me turn to operate under 4.0 $htmlFooter = $text_entete_pied_ou_contenu; $htmlFooter = htmlspecialchars_decode($htmlFooter); $footer = $docx->embedHTML($htmlFooter, array('rawWordML' => true, 'target' => 'defaultFooter')); $myFooter = $docx->createWordMLFragment(array($footer)); $docx->addFooter(array('default' =>$myFooter)); Indeed, I have found no example that takes html, all the examples are either imports or images ... Thank you in advance

Posted by jorge  · 12-06-2014 - 07:19

Hello, Instead of the 'rawWordML' option, you need to create a new object using the WordFragment class, and them add it to the document. I recommend you to read step by step the new tutorial. Although we'll prepare new .examples. Regards..