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Replacetablevariable & parselinebreaks=true failure
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Posted by falcana-blocked  · 12-06-2014 - 03:34

I'm trying to use replaceTableVariable together with "parseLineBreaks=true", which doesn't work properly. If the content for the cell is "Line1\nLine2" (with double quotes) -> this gives "Line1 Line2" in the document If the content for the cell is 'Line1\nLine2' (with single quotes) -> this gives "Line1</w:t><w:br/><w:t>Line2" in the document As seen from one of your examples I guess, that using single quotes would be the right way, but obviously there's a bug? Is there a workaround?

Posted by falcana-blocked  · 12-06-2014 - 03:42

Deleted by falcana-blocked · 12-06-2014 - 03:43

Posted by admin  · 13-06-2014 - 09:21

Hello, Thanks for posting the issue. We're solving the error and we'll post a patch to solve it. Regards.

Posted by Simplexe  · 24-06-2014 - 15:22

I had the same problem i looked in phpDocx Sources found the bug on line 606 in did you post a fix? I didn't find it thanks regards

Posted by admin  · 25-06-2014 - 07:20

Hello, Yes, here is the patch to solve the issue for PRO, Corporate and Enterprise versions: We're preparing a new package that solve this issue. Regards.

Posted by ragetech  · 29-06-2014 - 00:01

Deleted by ragetech · 29-06-2014 - 00:12

Posted by ragetech  · 29-06-2014 - 00:12

I understand from the previous post that a fix is available. How do I get this fix and patch my copy of Pro? I followed the link provided, but could not figure out what to do with the code shown? Thanks, Phil

Posted by admin  · 29-06-2014 - 08:08

Hello, The patch is valid only for PRO, Corporate and Enterprise packages. You just need to download the file and use the patch command to apply it. Of course a new package will be released with the fix. Regards.

Posted by Simplexe  · 02-07-2014 - 13:29

thanks but i try to get it, i get this message : This paste has been removed!

Posted by admin  · 02-07-2014 - 13:36

Hello, On this page you can get the patch: Regards.