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Soft line break in table cell
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Posted by ccjdalzell  · 25-06-2014 - 15:58

How do I add a soft line break {ASCII dec13) into the cell text of table created using addTable? All different attempts using imbedded ASCII ((carriage return with or without line feed) and word xml () either cause a corrupted word doc or merely show the xml as part of the text. Any help appreciated; thanks Charles

Posted by admin  · 26-06-2014 - 07:01

Hello, Could you post a DOCX generated with Word that shows what you need to do? Regards.

Posted by ccjdalzell  · 26-06-2014 - 16:05

Example of word document ( Note the soft line breaks in most of the text cells. I have tried to replace variables using \n in text and parseLineBreaks=true in options; just get the tags showing as part of the text in the table cell of the displayed word document. I have tried soft return in actual text (ASCII dec 13) - this generates error in word document. I tried to addWordML using XML tag . Assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks Charles

Posted by admin  · 27-06-2014 - 11:47

Hello, Thanks, we're checking the document. About the issue please read this post: Regards.