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Watermarkdocx not creating watermarks
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Posted by simpsond  · 03-07-2014 - 22:06

I have PHPDocX Pro 3.7 and can't add watermarks to my documents. I copied the example from the documentation ( and put it into a test script. Except for the path to the PHPDocX classes, I didn't change anything. When I run the script, there are no errors, and WatermarkText.docx is generated, but there is no watermark. Any suggestions?

Posted by admin  · 04-07-2014 - 06:14

Hello, Which program are you using to view the DOCX? We have done some tests and the watermark is added fine. Regards.

Posted by simpsond  · 07-07-2014 - 16:49

I viewed the document with Word 2013.

Posted by admin  · 08-07-2014 - 06:21

Hello, On Mac or Windows? Word for Mac lacks of some features of the OOXML standard. Please attach an example and we'll check it. Regards.