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Program terminates after createdocxanddownload v3.7 pro
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Posted by colinfobg  · 06-07-2014 - 16:14

$docx->createDocxAndDownload('../word_documents/match_forms/'.$folderfilename); //we send the resulting document to the browser This terminates processing of the php after downloading; is this by design? Simple CreateDocx allows the program to continue. Thanks, Colin

Posted by admin  · 07-07-2014 - 06:35

Hello, When you download the document, phpdocx uses the header function to achieve it. After a header is sent with PHP, you can't print anything else in the screen. Of course you can create the document using createDocx, do anything you need and download it with your own code. Regards.

Posted by colinfobg  · 07-07-2014 - 12:52

Thanks. Or I could write php to direct to a new page I guess right after the download. Colin