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Createdocxfromtemplate is not available
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Posted by Ronster1975  · 23-07-2014 - 16:56

When installed manually or via Composer in our Symfony2 project, we cannot use the CreateDocxFromTemplate class. Whilst the following works: $docx = new \CreateDocx(); the following does not: $docx = new \CreateDocxFromTemplate('path\to\some\template.docx'); CreateDocxFromTemplate is simply not available. What are we doing wrong? We cannot upgrade to the paid-for version unless we can achieve template variable replacement, and there is apparently no way to load a template into the CreateDocx object that doesn't completely replace its contents as soon as any action is performed on it.

Posted by admin  · 24-07-2014 - 11:54

Hello, There must be an issue/error in your code. The published post is Symfony 2.0/2.1 compatible. We are almost finishing a Symfony 2.3/2.4/2.5 post. You can ask for it at Regards.

Posted by esai  · 07-11-2014 - 17:58

hi, I also have problem with CreateDocxFromTemplate(). I downloaded the trial version and hooked it to a module in ZF2. I can call CreateDocx() but CreateDocxFromTemplate() fails. I get error Fatal error: Class 'CreateDocxFromTemplate' not found in.... and the obfuscated content of is dumped to browser. How did you solve this?

Posted by admin  · 08-11-2014 - 07:53

Hello, What license and version of phpdocx are you using? Regards.

Posted by esai  · 08-11-2014 - 11:08

We are testing with the demo license on osx and linux wit ZF2. I checked the example code (examples/Templates/...) I realised that I was not calling the function properly. This was my mistake. This is our code now: Module.php: public function getAutoloaderConfig() { return array( 'Zend\Loader\ClassMapAutoloader' => array( __DIR__ . '/autoload_classmap.php', array( 'CreateDocx' => __DIR__ . '/../../external/phpdocx/classes/', ), ), 'Zend\Loader\StandardAutoloader' => array( 'namespaces' => array( // if we're in a namespace deeper than one level we need to fix the \ in the path __NAMESPACE__ => __DIR__ . '/src/' . str_replace('\\', '/' , __NAMESPACE__), ), ), ); } And in the controller: ... /* * First we must call CreateDocx() because that loads the requires phpdocx code. */ $docx = new \CreateDocx(); /* * Now we can use the actual template class. */ $docx = new \CreateDocxFromTemplate($templatefile); .... Now CreateDocxFromTemplate() works and we can continue evaluating. Thanks.