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Weird looking pdf output
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Posted by afoeder  · 24-07-2014 - 07:03

Hi, I am using the Corporate Edition. The docx which are generated look good in LibreOffice (not in OpenOffice, though, the chart for example is not rendered there). Using LibreOffice 4.x for the PDF transformation makes the PDF looking perfect, however, on our Linux production server, neither LibreOffice (3.x) nor the shipped OpenOffice library (which is contained in the phpdocx package) makes the PDF look good. In both cases the chart is lacking; in OpenOffice the complete font is double-striked through, and in LibreOffice every element, including header and footer on each page, has a solid border. Any suggestions what I could try additionally? Thanks!

Posted by admin  · 24-07-2014 - 12:04

Hello, The current version of phpdocx doesnt convert charts, phpdocx 4.1 will add support. If LibreOffice has improvements, you can use it instead of OpenOffice to do the transformations. Just be aware that LO has some issues running in headless mode. Regards.

Posted by afoeder  · 25-07-2014 - 10:13

Is there already some beta or roadmap for 4.1? The chart ability was somehow a main reason for us to choose (and buy) the phpdocx library and we get into pressure against our customers. Best regards

Posted by admin  · 25-07-2014 - 15:50

Hello, The documentation explains that the conversion plugin doesnt support charts. Just to clarify this point. About the 4.1 there's no release date plan, but you'll need jpraph or ezcomponents to exports the charts. Regards.