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Inserting rows in an existing table
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Posted by pestes  · 14-08-2014 - 13:09

I have a template that has a table already in it that I need to insert multiple rows into the middle of. There was a way I could do this with version 3.6, but we have recently bought version 4.0. Is there a way that I can accomplish this using the latest version of phpdocx? Thanks!

Posted by admin  · 18-08-2014 - 08:14

Hi, How did you do that with phpdocx 3.6? To suggest a similar approach. Regards.

Posted by pestes  · 22-08-2014 - 15:24

I built an array of values that would populate the row and then used the following line to add the array to the existing table. $docx->addTemplateVariable( $document_array, 'table', array( 'header' => false));

Posted by admin  · 25-08-2014 - 09:38

Hello, You can use replaceTableVariable to use a similar approach. Please check the available examples in Templates/replateTableVariable/. Regards.