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Replace variable by word fragment using math equation
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Posted by fpa.777  · 22-08-2014 - 13:53

Hello, I'm trying to run the following code in Trial Version: $docx = new createDocxFromTemplate('template.docx'); $link = new WordFragment($docx); $link->addLink('link to Google', array('url'=> '', 'color' => '0000FF', 'u' => 'single')); $math = new WordFragment($docx); $math->addMathEquation( 'x=b±b24ac2a', 'mathml' ); $docx->replaceVariableByWordFragment( array('BLOCK_FIRST' => $link, 'BLOCK_LAST' => $math) ); $docx->createDocx('myexample'); The equation fragment isn't added to the document, but the link fragment worked fine. I don't know if I'm not using this method correctly, or it doesn't work for adding math equations. Can anyone help please?

Posted by fpa.777  · 22-08-2014 - 15:28

Also, it seems like using omml instead breaks the entire document. I'm using the code used as example at the addMathEquation documentation page. I'm starting to believe this approach doesn't work for equations, am I right? Thanks!

Posted by admin  · 25-08-2014 - 07:16

UPDATE: stable versions of phpdocx allow using addMathEquation with WordFragments.

Hello, The addMathEquation is not compatible with replaceVariableByWordFragment, but a next version of phpdocx will add support. Regards.