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Openoffice or libreoffice ?
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Posted by jdespatis  · 13-10-2014 - 09:53

Hello I'm running Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) I've read that LibreOffice may have some issues while running in headless mode But time has passed... Does phpdocx still recommends today OpenOffice over LibreOffice? (current version of LibreOffice running on my Ubuntu is I'm also running phpdocx 4.0 Business Thanks for your feedback

Posted by admin  · 14-10-2014 - 06:27

Hello, Yes, phpdocx only supports OpenOffice because LibreOffice has problems running in headless mode. Regards.

Posted by jdespatis  · 14-10-2014 - 10:19

Ok thanks let's use last version of OpenOffice so (impossible to use the bundled OpenOffice in phpdocx, we've given up)

Posted by admin  · 20-01-2015 - 16:03

Hello, Phpdocx 4.5 includes support for both OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Regards.