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Does phpdocx ?
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Posted by DeveloperOneX  · 18-04-2015 - 12:06

Hi, I am planning to use phpdocx for one of your requirements. Can you please let me know PHPDOCX support all of below? Basically we need 1. A docx template to get converted to PDF 2. Embed / write charts while converting to PDF 3. Embed table content 4. Update table link page number automatically if page grows with dynamic content. 5. Verify Restrict Formatting /Editing permission password? 6. Read Restricted Formatting /Editing contents 7. Add custom properties 8. Edit/Read custom properties? Regards DeveloperOneX

Posted by admin  · 20-04-2015 - 06:47

Hello, You can do almost everything but read and parse the existing content. For example you can add and change custom properties, but not read them. I recommend you to check this pages: Regards.

Posted by DeveloperOneX  · 20-04-2015 - 11:40

I couldn't find 2 important features we need. 1. I couldnt find a way of reading custom properties in a template file. 2. I have a document which has "Restrict formatting and Editing" with a password, I need to verify the given password matches? If this feature is not available can you suggest a way we can do in PHP? Can this be achieved using phpdocx, if so please guide to the docs Regards DeveloperOnex

Posted by admin  · 20-04-2015 - 12:13

Hello, Phpdocx can't parse the existing custom properties in a document. If you're interested in a custom development please contact us at contact[at] There's no method in phpdocx to check if a password matchets a protected document. Regards.