Conversion plugin phpdocx

Installation and set up


If you work with Windows and Linux servers you can use the conversion plugins based on LibreOffice and OpenOffice. LibreOffice is the only compatible choice with macOS servers.

However, LibreOffice is always the most advisable option to obtain maximum quality, no matter the server, Windows, Linux or macOS.

Packages download

It is very important to run the most recent version of OpenOffice or LibreOffice, so you can achieve the maximum compatibility with the DOCX format.

At least, you need to use OpenOffice 3.4 or LibreOffice 4.3.

If you use an old distribution with GLIBC 2.5, you must work with OpenOffice 3.4.0. OpenOffice 3.4.1 and higher need GLIBC 2.7

For Linux operating systems, you can also download the program you want from the distribution official repositories. Always be sure to run the same versions before mentioned, or higher.

Set up

If you choose LibreOffice, you must modify the config/phpdocxconfig.ini configuration file after installing the conversion plugin.

For LibreOffice, modify the following lines:

  • method: Set libreoffice or openoffice.
  • path: Type the absolute path to the LibreOffice executable file. Omit this configuration line if you work with OpenOffice

For example, type this configuration to use the conversion plugin based on LibreOffice:

Type this if you prefer OpenOffice:

If you are using a Windows server and the path includes blank spaces, please wrap the path with single quotation marks:

Starting OpenOffice in headless mode

If you have chosen OpenOffice as the tool to transform to PDF, you need to start it in headless mode before doing any transformation.

In order to do this with Windows, just open a terminal and execute:

Or with Linux:

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