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Debugging OpenOffice

Debugging OpenOffice

If you run into problems while working with the conversion plugin, and you cannot generate the PDFs but you can actually generate the previous DOCX, then follow these steps to find the source of the error:

1. Execute the transformDocument example included through the CLI mode.

The screen will show the transformation output. You must notice the possible mistakes out of lack of libraries in the operating system or problems with permissions.

2. If you are using OpenOffice as a conversion tool, run OdfConverter independently.

Again, check if there is any library pending to install.

3. Check the logs of the web server.

These logs will show the permission errors when writing in the temporary directory and the possible absence of the directory .wapi in case of using Odfconverter.

4. Change the temporary directory for a custom one, in which you are sure of having read and write permissions.

These simple checkings will solve most of the errors that appear while working with the conversion plugin based on OpenOffice.