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Repeating sections in a template
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Posted by anch  · 14-05-2012 - 22:22

I have two templates — a main template which has the document header and another which I want to repeat multiple times within the main template for different data.

I couldn't find an existing method to do this, so this was my solution:
1) Create temporary documents from the second template for every set of repeating data
2) In my main template I have a variable $SECTIONS$ which I replace with a list of variables — $SECTION1$ $SECTION2$ $SECTION3$... etc.
3) Replace each $SECTIONn$ variable in the main document with its respective temporary document from step 1.

This works fine for documents that don't have a lot of repeating data, but for larger documents it isn't practical to create several hundred temporary documents.

Is there another way to accomplish this?