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Embedhtml using a large amount of memory
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Posted by  · 18-12-2013 - 22:43

We had the same problem and after many hours of trial and error, I've cut the peak memory usage of phpdocx in half while generating the exact same output.  I generated the same 460kb docx file three times with the following peak memory usages:

1355mb:  3.6 as downloaded from

1072mb:  Replacing accessing the font properties using the magic __get function with a normal function

631mb:  Also clearing the font properties when no longer needed.

I tried other methods of reducing memory usage, but the other methods only saved ~1% of the memory consumption and required far more changes to the code.  (For example, I swapped out some array usage for splfixedarray usage.)  The changes I made to achieve the memory reduction can be easily applied by following the notes below.  I hope the phpdocx team incorporates this in their next release (so everyone can save on memory consumption and so I don't have to patch my upgrade ;) ).

Add the following to lib/dompdfParser/include/frameparser.cls.php (e.g. near "function set_style")

  // This representation of a DOM element will likely be part of a tree

  // and will continue to be stored after processing this subtree has

  // completed.  The style information consumes a large amount of memory

  // and may be cleared when no longer needed.

  function clear_style() {

    $this->_style = null;


In lib/dompdfParser/include/parserhtml.cls.php

Before each "return" in _render(), add:

                                        // Frame processing has completed.  Free memory.



                                try{$sTemp = $properties->$style;}


                                try{$sTemp = $properties->nonmagic_get($style);}

In lib/dompdfParser/include/styleparser.cls.php


  function __get($prop) {


  function __get($prop) {

    return $this->nonmagic_get($prop);


  // The magic of __get leaks memory. Calling a normal function avoids the leak.

  function nonmagic_get($prop) {