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Stubborn permissions errors? try this.
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Posted by AndyEn  · 02-08-2013 - 20:16

So I seem stuck at that same point.

I ran the check and it gave me all green. Now going for the examples (/examples/easy/Bookmarks.php), I got these error mesgs:

Warning: ZipArchive::open() []: Empty string as source in /..../PHPDOCx_Pro/classes/ on line 708

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /..../PHPDOCx_Pro/lib/log4php/LoggerAutoloader.php on line 143

and concluded, it's about that temp-file thing.

Since working on a hosted service, I can't seem to access the standard php-temp-dir and want to use this second solution. Now, I extend the constructor as suggested by admin

that is, set an actual path,

    public function __construct($baseTemplatePath = PHPDOCX_BASE_TEMPLATE, $tempDir = "../Temp")

in, line 651, version  2013.02.28 .

The directory exists and even has 777 access (for testing) but still I get those very same errors. Also with the usual things that come up to me - full path name, another "/" at the end...

Any ideas?



Did I choose a wrong constructor to to the change?