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Blank or corrupted word documents on new server
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Posted by OGTadmin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13

Thanks. Based on this help, I am posting my solution for anyone else who may encounter the same Temp directory access rights issue.

A modified List.php example is shown below. I initially had problems with this solution because I only used the relative template path and not the relative path to the actual template [u]document file[/u] in the constructor.

My full solution also involved creating a docx and Temp directory under the examples directory:


The new Word document is created in the docx directory. Note that I later moved the Temp directory to a better location for our server. Also note that your custom code files will likely have different relative paths than the example projects.



* Insert an unordered list into a Word document.
* @category Phpdocx
* @package examples
* @subpackage easy
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Narcea Producciones Multimedia S.L.
* (
* @license
* @version 1.8
* @link
* @since File available since Release 1.8
require_once '../../classes/';

$docx = new CreateDocx("../../templates/phpdocxBaseTemplate.docx", "../Temp");

$valuesList = array(
'Line 1',
'Line 2',
'Line 3',
'Line 4',
'Line 5'

$paramsList = array(
'val' => 1

$docx->addList($valuesList, $paramsList);