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Replaceheaderimage & addtemplateimage
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Posted by concentric  · 13-11-2012 - 17:36

Hello ,

I tried both methods in my template,but the image doesn’t get replaced by anything though.

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$customerImageL = $customer->Id.'.jpg';

$docx->replaceHeaderImage('CustomerLogo', '../../templates/'.$customerImageL);

I set the Alt Text as $CustomerLogo$ in my template.

given below the log file

11/13/12 11:03:14,304 [4712] INFO phpdocx_logger - Create a temp file to use as initial ZIP file. DOCX is a ZIP file.
11/13/12 11:03:14,496 [4712] INFO phpdocx_logger - The language has been set.
11/13/12 11:03:14,523 [4712] INFO phpdocx_logger - Open template ../../templates/Template.docx.
11/13/12 11:03:14,527 [4712] INFO phpdocx_logger - Assign and replace image variable CustomerLogo in header.

Additionally, I tried to use your image example and it worked, so it is not a server problem