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Embedhtml and images inside tables.
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Posted by Web-Op  · 13-11-2012 - 20:25

I'm trying to use EmbedHTML to take a big chunk of HTML generated by another piece of code and dump it straight into my document.

The structure of the HTML is roughly:

* Two-cell horizontal table
* Cell one contains an image, a few lists, and a few links
* Cell two contains a lot of text and a few lists.

If I try to import it, regardless of the downloadImages setting, and regardless of whether I give it a BaseURL option or pass the full path of the image in its < img > tag, I get all the text fine, but no image, not even a placeholder.

If I import the image with an AddImage command, it works, but then it isn't where I want it in the layout. If I

Even minimalizing the code to this, using a known good image, fails.
$docx->embedHTML("<img src=\"\">");

I am viewing it in either LibreOffice 3.6 (which lays out weird-- table columns 20 inches wide that don't fit on the page well), or the Word Viewer (correct layout) but neither shows pics.

What can I try? Is this something that only works in the real Word?